UNLEASH Your Inner Radiance

What's Included in a Shoot

Experience the Transformative Boudoir Journey

Each boudoir shoot with Bec-Kay is an immersive, transformative journey, tailored to make you feel empowered, beautiful, and confident.

This experience begins the moment you walk into the studio.

We start with professional hair and makeup, creating the perfect look to highlight your unique beauty.

The shoot itself is a fun, comfortable, and relaxed process, with guidance on posing and expressions every step of the way.

You'll have the unique opportunity to be photographed in all 7-10 sets, depending on the season and the latest sets created.

The experience doesn't end here.

Each image you choose for your package will receive a full beauty retouching, ensuring that your final images are the perfect blend of your natural beauty and Bec-Kay's artistic touch.

This unique boudoir journey is designed to celebrate you and the incredible woman that you are.

Full Client Closet

Embrace an extraordinary world of style with our Client Closet, boasting over 400 clothing items tailored to fit and flatter every body type, ranging from XXS-4XL.
We take pride in ensuring that every woman who walks through our doors can find something that makes her feel beautiful and confident. Celebrate your unique beauty with us, knowing that we cater to all sizes because, in our eyes, every woman is uniquely stunning.

Posing Guidance

Worried about posing? Put your fears to rest! At Bec-Kay Boudoir, we offer comprehensive posing guidance from head to toe. We understand that every woman is unique, and our goal is to highlight your favourite features in the most flattering manner.
Our expert guidance will ensure that you feel comfortable, confident, and absolutely stunning in front of the camera. Don't stress about striking the perfect pose; with our help, you're already perfect!

Not your average studio

Say goodbye to standard backdrops and hello to extraordinary settings! At Bec-Kay Boudoir in Tully, we go beyond the usual hotel rooms and bedroom settings. We've invested immense time and resources into crafting over 10 unique, creative sets that offer unlimited photographic possibilities. Every inch of our studio has been meticulously designed to make your boudoir experience truly unforgettable. With our diverse set options, we ensure your shoot is as unique and special as you are!

Explore Your Secret Seductress

The Client Closet Advantage

Step into a Wonderland of Wardrobe Options

Imagine having access to over 400+ pieces of stylish, sensual, and size-inclusive clothing, accessories, and props for your boudoir shoot. At Bec-Kay Boudoir, this is not just a fantasy, it's a reality.

Our extensive client closet is designed to cater to every woman's unique style and body shape, offering a plethora of stunning options for your shoot. From glamorous gowns to lacy lingerie, our client closet offers an endless array of options to ensure that your boudoir photos capture your essence in the most flattering way.

By using our client closet, you save time, money, and the stress of shopping for the perfect outfit, ensuring your boudoir experience is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

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Trusted by OVER 200 WOMEN

See Why Our Clients Love Bec-KAY Boudoir

Discover the transformative power of a Bec-kay Boudoir photoshoot through the words of our cherished clients. Their experiences highlight the confidence, empowerment, and self-love that are nurtured in our studio.

"They made me feel brave and welcome"

"Bec’s skills are amazing and her team made me feel right at home. It is so nerve racking to bare all to someone close to you let alone a group of strangers.

But they understood from the very beginning. When I walked in we were all women, the whole team discussed their stories, they made me feel brave and welcome.

Girls, if you are reading this and are struggling to find the courage. In my honest opinion these ladies just know that real life can kick you where it hurts. It gives you hurdles but they are the proof in the pudding that you can mould it into something else completely.

They are there to help you through the process and by the end of your process you will walk away with a sparkle in your eyes, a wiggle in your hips and an attitude that you could take down an army with a little flick of your hair or maybe even just a side glance."

- Mikki Whipp

"Bec Caters to ALL beauty in ALL shapes and sizes"

"Bec is an inspiration - a qualified photographer and strong business woman with the professional skill, talent, and creativity to produce astonishing boudoir-style shots that capture the most diverse yet equally-aesthetic aspects of the woman physique and their distinct feminine traits. 

Was an absolutely amazing shoot with her, I am forever grateful for the incredible experience she has provided and encouragement to delve further into my own self-love and body-positivity.

I encourage you to experience the magic for yourself! Bec caters to ALL beauty in ALL shapes and sizes; her talent, creativity and professional skill, stunning Studio sets, and your beautifully-unique body is the recipe to one-of-a-kind art that embraces the one-of-a-kind you."


- Estelle Bostock

Watch the Studio Tour HERE

Don't Skip This Video! It's such a great example of your experience!

Some of my boudoir clients

Trusted by over 200 clients!

Your Transformational Glam Makeover

Reveal Your Inner Goddess

From Glam Squad to Stunning Shots

Every boudoir session at Bec-Kay Boudoir begins with a pampering hair and makeup transformation.

As a professionally trained artist, I personally ensure that you are camera-ready and feeling fabulous.

Whether you're after a sultry smokey eye or a natural, glowing complexion, my expertise will make your vision come to life.

I listen to your preferences, advise on what would best compliment your features and the mood of the shoot, and then work my magic.

You'll step onto the set feeling confident, gorgeous, and ready to shine in front of the camera. This is your moment to embrace the limelight and feel like the star you are.

Making Your Boudoir Experience Affordable

Invest in Yourself with Flexible Payment Options

A Bec-Kay Boudoir experience is more than a photo session - it's an investment in self-love and empowerment. We believe that every woman deserves to experience the transformative power of a boudoir shoot, and cost shouldn't stand in the way.

That's why we offer flexible payment plans that enable you to pay for your chosen package in installments, spreading the cost over time. These plans offer a practical way to afford your dream boudoir experience without straining your budget.

Plus, you get to enjoy the anticipation of your session without financial stress, knowing that your investment is well-managed and affordable. Take the step towards self-love today and let us take care of the rest.

Crafting Your Perfect Image

The Final Touches to Your Boudoir Masterpiece

With every image you select for your package, we extend our commitment to making you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Each chosen photo, if requested, undergoes an intricate process of beauty retouching, enhancing your natural radiance without compromising authenticity.

Our mission isn't to change you but to bring out the inherent beauty that you might not always see in the mirror.

From adjusting lighting and colours to ensuring the perfect skin tone, each edit aims to highlight your unique features and the emotion in every shot. This process isn't about concealing—it's about revealing the real you in the best possible light.

With Bec-Kay Boudoir, every image is a masterpiece, and every client is the muse.

I totally understand, you're craving more details before diving in!

Let me spill all the beans for you.


A La Carte Menu In-Depth

A La Carte Options and Print Credits

Choose from a World of Custom Options

Celebrate your boudoir experience with personal touches and unique keepsakes from our A La Carte Menu. Our A La Carte options enable you to personalise your package further and get the most value out of your print credits.

These credits can be used to purchase additional digital images, wall art, or any of our unique extras like a custom slideshow or a custom calendar.

Wall art is available in various formats - metal, canvas, or matte paper prints - to match your aesthetic preferences.

Our unique extras are perfect for sharing your boudoir experience with loved ones or keeping a piece of it for yourself to cherish.

From custom printed cards for special occasions to elegant glass image tiles, these items add a layer of luxury and personalisation to your boudoir journey.

Remember, these A La Carte options are not just purchases; they are investments in yourself and your unique story of beauty, confidence, and empowerment.

Wall Art Options

Show off your boudoir photos with individual Metal, Canvas, or Matte Paper Wall Art Options.

11x14 $799
16x24 $1,299
20x30 $1,699
24×36 $1,999
30×40 $2,499


11x14 $699
16x24 $1,199
20×30 $1,599
24×36 $1,899
30×40 $2,399

Matte Paper Prints:

11x14 $599
16x24 $1,099
24x36 $1,799
30x40 $2,299

Digitals A La Carte

Enhance your package with additional digital images.

All Digital Images: $9,999

40 Digital Images: $4,799 (additional images $50 each)

30 Digital Images: $3,799 (additional images $75 each)

20 Digital Images: $2,899 (additional images $100 each)

10 Digital Images: $1,999 (additional images $150 each)

9 images or less: $400 per image

Note: 9 images or less will be delivered via an online gallery. More than 9 images will be delivered via a Crystal USB Drive.


Treat yourself with these custom offerings.

Custom Slideshow containing all Edits: $999

Custom App containing all Edits: $999

4x Custom Printed Birthday/Xmas/Anniversary Cards: $699

Retainer Gift Certificate for yourself or a friend: $599

Custom Calendar (13 Images) -
Standing: $999
Wall: $899

2x (139 x 216 mm size) Custom Notebooks: $499

B&W Custom Printed Stubby Cooler: $499

Glass Image Tiles: $899

Frequently Asked Question

What Should I Expect During My Boudoir Session?

Your boudoir session with Bec is an empowering and luxurious experience designed just for you. From professional hair and makeup to your choice of over 10 creative sets and 400+ pieces in the client closet, everything is tailored to make you feel like a goddess. You'll be guided through poses and expressions that celebrate your unique beauty. Plus, with surprises like updated and ever-changing sets, each session is a fabulous and exclusive experience. You can even catch previews of images I've taken, embedded into the webpage background, to get a taste of the glamour awaiting you.

How Do I Choose the Right Package, and What's Included in the Print Credit?

Bec offers six magnificent packages, each tailored to suit your desires and budget. From the "Flirt" option with 12 social-sized images to the exclusive "Covergirl" package that includes $9000 in print credit, there's a package perfect for every gorgeous client. The print credits can be used for elegant products like custom metal display prints and handbound luxury albums, providing an additional touch of luxury to your boudoir experience. Explore each option and see previews of previous shoots on the webpage to find your perfect match.

Can I Preview the Sets Before Booking a Session?

Absolutely! Each of Bec's creative sets is designed to provide a unique and stunning backdrop for your session. From the mystical "Mermaid Bath" to the glamorous "Dripping Diamonds Dutchess," you can get a feel for the different sets through previews of images I've taken. And remember, lovely, I'm always updating and even surprising clients with new and exciting sets on the day of the shoot. Dive into the enchanting world of Bec Kay Boudoir sets and start dreaming about your unforgettable experience.





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